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Meet our Team! 

Cannon Construction TX is a woman-owned (Lesley H. Crawford), thriving business because of its astonishing crew of master trades,  creative designers and our brilliant architect, Megan Gaydou.  With over 14 years experience, we can boast about the innovative and ingenious creations she has provided for our clients.  Browse our gallery! or on our gallery tab below.  Most recently, Studio Cue members Courtney Thomas and Marisa Englehart have partnered as well. Last, but not least, our Assistant Manager/ Project Coordinator, is Heather Barrios.

We understand your wish list and your lifestyle, and we will design a new space that works best for your budget.  Our team loves jobs where we can use our imagination and artistic ability to produce a unique custom project.


Our staff will walk you through the entire construction process so that you are informed, comfortable and excited to start the project.  Our initial meeting will be evaluating your scope of work and space, then we will work with you on a design and appropriate elevations.  During this phase, we are mindful of the integrity of the neighborhood and real estate value when we are exploring options with the homeowner or business owner. Each project is designed to meet the needs and style of each owner, yet still being conscious of future buyers and businesses.


Cannon Construction Tx is proud of all our jobs; from something as simple as a routine carpentry job or massive projects such as a custom home build from the ground-up.  Our master trades will always provide the highest-level of quality.


We rely solely on referrals and the happiness of our customers to build our business. 


So, let us turn your ordinary house into your dream home.

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